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Required type of environmental sticker in Lyon: Depends on alert level

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You can read more about the types of environmental badges in the section Types of Environmental Badges.


Ecological Zones in Lyon

Since the end of 2016, a so-called emergency low-emissions zone (ZPA) has been in force in Lyon, which always takes effect when a high degree of air pollution is reached.

The original rules restricted entry to vehicles according to whether their license plate ended in an odd or even number. From 16. 11. 2017, permission to enter is governed purely by the class of the environmental badge.


Map of the Lyon low-emissions zone

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The Validity of Ecological Zones in Lyon

Entry conditions are based on the smog alert level:

- when the N1 level is reached - entrance is allowed only to vehicles with a Crit'Air sticker,

- when the N2 level is reached - after 2 days of smog alert, entrance is allowed only to vehicles with Crit'Air stickers 0, 1, 2 and 3

- when the N3 level is reached – when the air deterioration lasts longer, entrance is permitted only to vehicles with stickers 0, 1 and 2

If you drive without the environmental badge in the low-emissions zone, you will pay a fine of € 68 (i.e. approximately £ 62), which can climb to € 375 (i.e. approximately £ 320) in cases of late payment.

The Ecological Zones Apply to Foreign Drivers

From 1. 4. 2017, both French and foreign vehicles that pass through the activated low-emissions zone of Lyon are required to have the Crit'Air sticker affixed to the windscreen, entitling them to enter the city.


Driving in Lyon

Are you going to Lyon by car?

From 1. 4. 2017, foreign cars must be marked with the “crit'air” environmental badge. This so-called emergency low-emissions zone takes effect when the level of smog increases. After 2 days of smog alert, entry is allowed only to vehicles with the crit'air plaque of classes E, 1, 2 and 3. The conditions then tighten up further when the smog alert lasts longer. There are 6 types of badge in France that express how much the vehicle is involved in air pollution. If you fail to comply with these rules, you risk a fine of € 68 to € 375.

The whole city, including the adjacent Villeurbanne and inner roads, falls within the low-emissions zone of Lyon. The restriction does not apply to highways A6, A7, and A42 and the A6 tunnel.

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The plaque has unlimited validity and should be placed in the bottom-right corner of the windscreen.



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