Diesel Ban in Berlin

Diesel Ban in Berlin

According to the Administrative Court in Germany, older diesel cars are not allowed to enter selected parts and streets of Berlin. Berlin has further reduced the maximum speed limit for all cars to 30 km/h on many sections.

Which parts of Berlin are affected by the restrictions?

Since late August 2019, diesel cars with an emission standard lower than Euro 6 have been banned on 8 important roads in the city centre, namely: Alt-Moabit, Brückenstraße, Friedrichstraße, Hermannstraße, Leipziger Straße, Reinhardstraße, Silbersteinstraße, and Stromstraße. The diesel ban does not therefore apply throughout the whole of Berlin yet.

Since August 2019, the maximum speed limit of all, i.e. NOT ONLY diesel, cars have been reduced to 30 km/h on more than 30 sections. These include Danziger Straße, Müllerstraße, Kaiser-Friedrich-Straße, Spandauer Damm and Tempelhofer Damm.

When will the ban start?

As of August 2019, restrictions on diesel cars entering the above-mentioned locations came into force. In addition, in the same month, the maximum speed was reduced to 30 km/h for all vehicles, regardless of the type of engine.


Which cars are affected by the ban?

Restrictions apply to German and foreign diesel passenger cars as well as trucks that do not comply with Euro 6 standards. Local residents, freight deliveries, maintenance vehicles, police cars, ambulances, fire engines, etc. are exempt for now.

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