Blue Environmental Badge in Germany

Blue Environmental Badge in Germany

The blue badge aims to reduce the concentration of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and improve the air quality in cities by restricting entry to diesel cars.

The deadline for the introduction of the blue environmental badge has not yet been established and remains in the negotiation phase.


Who Will Receive the Blue Badge?

Those gasoline vehicles that now meet the green badge requirements should be entitled to the blue badge. The problem may arise with diesel cars, for which stricter rules will apply. It is assumed that only diesel cars with a minimum air pollution level that will reach the Euro 6 emissions standard will receive the sticker. This would therefore include newer diesel cars with a production date from September 2015.


Blue Low-emissions Zones

Although they have not been established yet, the debate on blue zones in Germany continues and they are likely to be created in the future (generally in the framework of 2019 to 2020).

It should concern those cities and municipalities where there is a regular high exceedance of nitrogen oxides limits. These low-emissions zones may have a permanent or temporary validity - for example, in cases of extremely high concentrations of impurities or in selected time periods.

As such strict conditions would complicate transport for many German citizens who own diesel vehicles, further adjustments to the conditions are expected, of which we will inform you.

Don´t Forget the Mandatory Green Badge

However, you are already now obliged to have the environmental badge, the so-called Umweltplakette, affixed on the windscreen of your car. The vast majority of cities - including Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne and Munich - only allow entrance to vehicles with the green environmental badge. The obligation applies to both German and foreign cars and in the event of violation you may be fined up to 80 euros, i.e. about £ 73.

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