Diesel Ban in Germany

Diesel Ban in Germany

Diesel cars are a major contributor to air pollution and thus many German cities have been considering stricter restrictions on their entry. The so-called blue zone, where only diesel vehicles complying with the Euro 6 emissions standard are allowed to enter, are planned first in Hamburg and Stuttgart. Other cities, including Berlin, Cologne, Essen, and Munich, are discussing their introduction together with a diesel ban in the near future.

You are already now obliged to affix a green sticker on the windscreen of your vehicle when entering the vast majority of German cities, whether you own a diesel car or a gasoline one.

Diesel Cars with the Euro 6 Standard Not Under an Obligation yet

Most restrictions shouldn’t affect diesel cars that comply with the Euro 6 emissions standard that came into force in September 2014. By way of comparison, there are approximately 2,7 million passenger cars that meet this requirement out of a total of 15 million diesel passenger cars in Germany.

However, the situation is more complicated and even owners with the Euro 6 standard cannot be completely certain. According to surveys, newer cars with the Euro 6 often produce more nitrogen dioxide than Euro 4 and Euro 5 cars, which may bring more discussions and restrictions.

Diesel Ban in Hamburg

Entry to the Max-Bauer-Straße road and the Stresemannstraße street in the centre of Hamburg is likely to be permitted only to diesel vehicles that comply with the Euro 6 standard with the blue environmental badge. In the case of Stresemannstraße street, the restriction should apply only to lorries – for now, passenger cars that fall within the Euro Class 5 will be allowed to enter.


Diesel Ban in Stuttgart

The city of Stuttgart also wants to significantly tighten up the conditions for entry of diesel cars. However, their exact wording is not yet known, we will inform you of the changes.

The blue zone in Stuttgart should include most of the city's territory. In the initial phase, as of 1. 1. 2019, an entry ban was introduced for those diesel vehicles that do not achieve the Euro 5 standard. There are likely to be further modifications in the following years.


Green Badge a Condition for Entry into Most Cities

Entry to Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and other German cities is already now allowed only to vehicles with the green environmental badge - Umweltplakette. This obligation applies to both German- and foreign-registered cars. Violation is punished with high fines of up to 80 euros, i.e. about £ 73.

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