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What Is an Environmental Badge

The Environmental badge is a sticker placed on the windscreen of a car and entitles drivers to enter larger cities in Europe. The aim of the badge is to improve the quality of life and of air in the so-called Environmental Zones - usually in city centres - so that only vehicles that pollute the environment at a minimum rate are allowed to enter the cities. Environmental zones have been introduced in Germany, Austria or France and their number has been increasing throughout Europe. In the absence of the badge, a fine of € 2,180 may be imposed (£ 1,980) on both trucks and passenger cars, depending on the country in question.

Umweltplakette Germany

The environmental badge, in German “Umweltplakette”, is a requirement when entering the centres of many German cities, including Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, and Hannover, a list which continues to expand. The badge provides information about the level of pollution the specific passenger car or truck causes, doing so with the help of 4 colour-coded emission categories. In case of failure to comply, a fine of € 80 (i.e. approximately £ 73) may be imposed. You can buy the environmental badge for Germany for £ 16.90, with home-delivery within 7 days.



Crit’Air France

Crit’Air is a plaque authorizing the driver to enter the centre of Paris and other major French cities. Its purpose is to regulate the entry of vehicles that have high emission and noise levels. The obligation applies from the 1st February, 2017, and includes foreign passenger cars and trucks. There are 6 types of stickers that inform according to colour how much the vehicle pollutes the environment. Some cities reduce the obligation to require that cars be marked from 8:00 to 20:00. The current amount of the fine is € 68 (i.e. approximately £ 62). You can buy the badge for £ 22.90, with free delivery within 14 days.



Pickerl Austria

In Austria, the environmental badge “Pickerl” was introduced in the regions of Vienna, Upper Austria and Styria. New zones are being gradually created, yet the situation is made difficult by the absence of associated road signs, therefore it is advisable to check your planned route on a low emission map. The badge is currently mandatory only for N-category vehicles, including N1. In Austria, there are 6 types of stickers distinguished by colour that represent the amount of the vehicle’s emission load. Failure to comply is subject to a high fine of up to € 2,180, i.e. almost £ 1,980. You can buy the environmental badge for Austria for £ 34.90, with delivery within 14 days.



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