Ecological zone Grenoble

Ecological zone Grenoble

Besides the capital city of France, Grenoble also introduced the ecological zones in 2016. It follows Paris from 1. 11. 2016. Since this date, you need an environmental sticker in order to enter this area.

Other French cities will soon follow suit. Following the example of Germany, Austria and Denmark, France aspires to improve the environment in all major cities, which can introduce the ecological zones by their own volition.

 The validity of ecological zones in Grenoble

For buses of category M2 and M3, and lorries of category N2 and N3

All week 8 am – 8 pm

Passenger cars M1, N1 and motorcycles

Monday - Friday 8 am – 8 pm

The ecological zones apply to foreign drivers from 1. 2. 2017

You can get a fine of up to 68 Euros if you enter the ecological zone without the appropriate environmental badge.

Should you ever visit France in a passenger car, remember that the ecological zones apply to you only during weekdays.

Environmental Zone Grenoble Map

More information about environmental zones in Paris here.

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