Ecological zone Paris

Ecological zone Paris

Paris was the first city in France to introduce the ecological zones. This is no surprise though, because just as for other European countries, it has always been the capital city that set the example for others to follow.


Ecological Zones in Paris only from Monday to Friday

Paris has previously tried to limit traffic in the city, reduce noise and improve air quality. Since September 2015, all buses and trucks over 3.5 tons with the manufacturing date prior to October 1st, 2001, are banned from entering the city. This ban applies every day, including weekends, from 8 am to 8 pm.

The ban to enter the city was extended in 2016 to all vehicles manufactured before 1997 and motorcycles manufactured before 2000. Such vehicles don´t even reach the sixth standard, the lowest type of the environmental badge. There is a total of six types of environmental badges in France, where only electric vehicles receive the highest type. You can read more about the types of environmental badges in the section Types of environmental badges.

The validity of ecological zones in Paris:

For buses of category M2 and M3, and lorries of category N2 and N3

All week 8 am – 8 pm

Passenger cars M1, N1 and motorcycles

Monday - Friday 8 am – 8 pm

Should you ever visit France in a passenger car, remember that the ecological zones apply to you only during weekdays.


The ecological zones apply to foreign drivers from 1. 2. 2017

It is not clear yet how Paris, and France in general, will tighten the implementation of the ecological zones. For example, in Germany it is a common practice that entry to the city is gradually banned to less environmentally friendly vehicles, until only the most environmentally friendly remain permitted. It is likely that there will also be an effort to oust the drivers of older vehicles.

The obligation to have an environmental sticker on the windscreen when entering the ecological zone applies also to foreign vehicles from 1.2. 2017, without exception.

Penalty of 68 Euros

Paris takes the ecological zones very seriously, as evidenced by the penalties, which can be imposed when drivers infringe the obligation to have the environmental sticker on the windscreen. While initially the police only warned drivers, since January 2017 substantial fines have been imposed. You can get a fine of up to 68 Euros if you enter the ecological zone without the appropriate environmental badge. Buying the environmental sticker will definitely pay off. The sticker has an unlimited validity for your vehicle and you can use it when travelling all over France.

Environmental Zone Paris Map

More information about environmental zones in Grenoble here.


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