Ecological zone Strasbourg

Green Zone Strasbourg

Required type of environmental sticker in Strasbourg: At least Crit'Air 4

CritAir sticker France


You can read more about the types of environmental badges in the section Types of Environmental Badges.


The Low-emissions Zone of Strasbourg

On the 1st November 2017, a so-called emergency low-emissions zone (ZPA) was also introduced in Strasbourg.  Both French and foreign drivers may enter the activated low-emissions zone only with a valid Crit'Air sticker of emissions classes E, 1, 2 and 3. Vehicles with a lower emissions class or without the sticker will be banned from entering the zone.

As in Germany, Austria and other European countries, France is seeking to improve the environment and the quality of life of its residents in larger cities.


Map of the Strasbourg low-emissions zone

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Validity of the Strasbourg Low-emissions Zone


Low-emissions zone (ZCR)

Lorries of category N2 < 7,5t

All week. Minimum Crit'Air sticker 4.


Emergency low-emissions zone (ZPA)

This is an emergency low-emissions zone that is activated if the emissions limits are exceeded for more than 3 consecutive days.

The Ecological Zones Apply to Foreign Drivers

If you drive without the environmental badge in the low-emissions zone, you will pay a fine of € 68 (i.e. approximately £ 62), which can climb to € 375 (i.e. approximately £ 320) in cases of late payment.


Driving in Strasbourg

Are you going to Strasbourg by car?

Since 1. 9. 2018 foreign cars have been obliged to be marked with the “crit'air” environmental badge. This so-called emergency low-emissions zone takes effect when higher smog levels last for more than 3 consecutive days. Only vehicles with the crit'air plaque of classes E, 1, 2, and 3 are allowed to enter the activated low-emissions zone. There are 6 types of badge in France that express how much the vehicle is involved in air pollution. If you fail to comply with these rules, you risk a fine of € 68 to € 375.

The Strasbourg low-emissions zone includes all 33 municipalities in the region. Restrictions do not affect the main road runs A4, A35, N83, N353 and D1083.

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The plaque has unlimited validity and should be placed in the bottom-right corner of the windscreen.



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