Ecological zone Strasbourg

Ecological zone Strasbourg

Besides Paris, the French are also planning to introduce the environmental zones in Strasbourg. This is about to happen in the autumn of 2017 at the earliest. After this,drivers will need an environmental badge to enter this city. As in Germany, Austria and other European countries, France is striving to improve the environment and the quality of life of the citizens in larger cities.


The validity of ecological zones in Strasbourg:

It is still not clear whether a plaque will be required permanently, as is the case in Paris, or whether the French will introduce here a so-called sporadic low emission zone, as is the case in Lyon and Grenoble. The exact conditions are not yet known, and the information will be updated in time.


If you go to France by car, remember that the environmental zones apply to you only on weekdays.
If you drive in the environmental zone without a valid sticker, you will be fined € 68 or more.

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