Environmental Zone Burgenland

Green Zone Burgenland

Required type of environmental sticker in Burgenland: Yellow Pickerl - Euro 3 and above

Pickerl IGL sticker Austria


You can read more about the types of environmental badges in the section Types of Environmental Badges.


Penalty of 2 180 Euros

Failure to comply could result in a fine of up to € 2,180.


The validity of ecological zones in Burgenland

Currently, within the Burgenland environmental zone, there are restrictions on the entry of trucks and lorries; these vehicles have to comply with the emission class EURO 1 at a minimum.

From 1.10. 2017

- restrictions for trucks and lorries. Entry will be allowed only to vehicles with emission class EURO 2 and above.

Environmental Zone Burgenland Map

Travelling To Burgenland By Car?

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