Environmental Zone Düsseldorf

Required type of environmental badge in Düsseldorf: green

Green Badge Bremen


You can learn more information about types of environmental badges in the section Types of Environmental Badges.


The date of introduction of environmental zones in Düsseldorf

  • From 15.2. 2009 – entry allowed with red, yellow or green environmental badge
  • From 1.3. 2011 – entry allowed with yellow or green environmental badge
  • From 1.7. 2014 – entry allowed only with green environmental badge


Environmental Zone Düsseldorf Map

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Green Zone in Düsseldorf, Germany

Düsseldorf introduced the environmental zones a month and a half later than the city of Bremen. As in most German cities, even less environmentally friendly vehicles, including those with a red sticker, were at first allowed to enter the city. However, since mid-2014, only vehicles with a green sticker on their windscreen may enter the city. This badge is now necessary for most German cities, so acquiring one will certainly pay off.


Driving in Düsseldorf

Are you going to Düsseldorf by car?

From 1. 7. 2014, all drivers need a green badge to enter Düsseldorf.  Entrance is therefore allowed only to vehicles with a minimum level of air pollution that falls under the Euro 4 and Euro 1 emissions classes for diesel and petrol, respectively. Failure to comply with these rules is punished in Germany with a fine of 80 euros. The low-emissions zone of Düsseldorf includes the centre, the adjacent districts, and motorways, so you risk a fine by not securing the badge.

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The plaque has unlimited validity and should be placed in the bottom-right corner of the windscreen.


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