Environmental Zone Munich

Required type of environmental badge in Munich: green

Green Badge Bremen


You can learn more information about types of environmental badges in the section Types of Environmental Badges.


The date of introduction of environmental zones in Munich

  • From 1.10. 2008 – entry allowed with red, yellow or green environmental badge
  • From 1.10. 2010 – entry allowed with yellow or green environmental badge
  • From 1.10. 2012 – entry allowed only with green environmental badge


Environmental Zone Munich Map


Green Zone in Munich, Germany
Munich introduced environmental zones in the same year as Berlin. It thus became one of the first German cities to require a valid environmental sticker in order to enter the city and its wider surroundings. If you do not have one, you have to bypass the city, which is an unnecessary detour.

Munich, in a similar way to other German cities, initially allowed entry even to less environmentally friendly vehicles, so as to provide drivers of older vehicles with sufficient time to adapt to the zones. However, since 1. 10. 2012, it has been necessary to have a green badge placed on your car in order to enter Munich.

In the section Validity of Environmental Badges you can simply check out which German cities you can enter without environmental badge.


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