Environmental Zone Upper Austria (A1 motorway section, 155 km to 176 km)

Green Zone Upper Austria (A1 motorway)

Required type of environmental sticker in Upper Austria (A1 motorway): Yellow Pickerl - Euro 3 and above

Pickerl IGL sticker Austria


You can read more about the types of environmental badges in the section Types of Environmental Badges.


Penalty of 2 180 Euros

Failure to comply could result in a fine of up to € 2,180.


The validity of ecological zones in Upper Austria (A1 motorway)

The restriction applies to an approximately 20-kilometer stretch of highway near the city of Linz and extension to other sections is expected. If you have a truck weighing over 3.5 tons, you must have it marked with the Austrian environmental sticker.

From 01. 07. 2016

- restrictions for vehicles of category N1, N2 and N3 exceeding 3.5 tonnes with the emission class Euro 0 and Euro 1. Entry allowed with emission class EURO 2 or higher.

Environmental Zone Upper Austria (A1 motorway) Map

Travelling To Upper Austria (A1 motorway) By Car?

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