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Environmental badge Austria – Pickerl

What Is an Environmental Badge

Low emission zones have been implemented also in neighbouring Austria, where they are in force in several areas. We will tell you on this page where, and what vehicles need an environmental sticker, also known as Umwelt-Pickerl, how much this sticker costs, what fine you could face and other information.

The validity of the environmental badge

Since you can obtain the environmental sticker on the basis of part II. of your registration certificate, and it is tied to the VIN for the vehicle for which it was issued, its validity is unlimited.

The penalty and where to stick the environmental sticker for Austria

For failing to designate the vehicle with the environmental badge, heavy fines may apply – up to 2,180 Euros. Please note that to pass through the Austrian low emission zones, the German environmental sticker cannot be used. Stick your sticker on the inner side of the windscreen, either in the lower right corner next to the vignette or in the top right corner.

Pickerl Austria - Types

What Vehicles Must Be Marked?

Austria classifies vehicles in several categories, only some of which require the environmental badge. For the meantime, the obligation does not apply to the rest of them. First, let´s have a look at the list of categories that are important to us:

  • Category L - motor vehicles which usually have fewer than four wheels
  • Category M - motor vehicles with at least four wheels, and which are used for the transportation of persons
  • Category N - motor vehicles with at least four wheels, and which are used for the transportation of cargo (company vehicles)
  • Category O – vehicles with trailers
  • Category T - agricultural or forestry tractors

The obligation to affix an environmental sticker to the vehicle only applies to vehicles of category N, including the N1 category, which means light trucks. Vehicles of other categories don´t need the badge for the time being. The obligation to designate the motor vehicle thus does not apply to passenger cars (M1), buses (M2, M3), motorcycles (L) or tractors (T). An exemption for entry into the low emission zone is given to vintage vehicles, with license plates marked with the letter "V" and a vintage vehicle certificate.

What Type of Environmental Sticker Do I Need?

Austria distinguishes six levels of air pollution. This means that for your vehicle you can obtain one of the six types of environmental badges, which assign your vehicle to a certain emission class.

Environmental badges are issued on the basis of Emission Directive of EEC / EC (ECE regulation). To obtain the environmental badge, you just need a registration certificate of your vehicle (part II), at which point you will receive a sticker of the relevant type. To order the environmental sticker, which will be delivered within 14 days by mail, online, you only need to send us a copy of your vehicle registration certificate, and we'll take care of everything for you.

How To Get Eco Badge

The obligation to have an environmental badge applies to everybody (also for foreign vehicles). Through this website you can easily order an environmental badge and you will obtain one by post within the maximum of 14 days. There is no extra delivery charge. The environmental badge always has an unlimited length of validity for the license plate of the vehicle for which it was issued.


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